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For when BYOND is not enough. Probably often.


pub use raw_types::variables::VariableNameIdTable;
pub use inventory;
pub use ctor;



Creates a normal byond ffi function that can be called in DM with call.
The pin_dll! macro is used to determine whether the dll handle auxtools takes on Windows is pinned. For reference, a dll with a pinned handle cannot be unloaded during execution of the host process - termination of the host is the only way to unload the dll and release the lock on the corresponding file.
This macro makes instantiating Runtimes a (little bit) easier.


A wrapper around Values that make working with lists a little easier
Used to hook and call procs.
Represents a byond runtime, sort of. This will probably drastically in the future.
A wrapper around Values that make working with strings a little easier
Value represents any value a DM variable can hold, such as numbers, strings, datums, etc.
A weak reference to some datum or atom in the game.



Type Definitions

Attribute Macros

The hook attribute is used to define functions that may be used as proc hooks, and to optionally hook those procs upon library initialization.