Macro auxtools::pin_dll

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pin_dll!() { /* proc-macro */ }
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The pin_dll! macro is used to determine whether the dll handle auxtools takes on Windows is pinned. For reference, a dll with a pinned handle cannot be unloaded during execution of the host process - termination of the host is the only way to unload the dll and release the lock on the corresponding file.

This has very limited use cases - for instance, if a .dmb is hosted on a live server whose Dream Daemon process is kept running between runs, keeping a pinned handle to the dll will prevent the corresponding file from being updated by automatic updaters such as tgs. You shouldn’t use this unless you very specifically need it for your particular use case.

Libraries that unpin the dll using this macro should ensure that no spawned threads are running when calling auxtools_full_shutdown from DM, or else Dream Daemon will crash.